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Purse Valet

No purse is complete without it!

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In all those meetings.. Dining with that special someone...  At your favorite bar... Dining with style and confidence... At the movies...


Everyday women around the world go into restaurants, meetings, shopping malls, theatres and the workplace carrying their purse, laptops, backpacks, diaper and shopping bags.

Women spend billions of dollars each year purchasing handbags, then have to set them on the floor of their favorite restaurant or bar when they sit down to enjoy a meal; worrying all the while if their purse is going to be soiled, stepped on, tripped over or stolen.

The Purse Valet has been developed with the universal need for all women to have a place to hang their purse. This uniquely designed fashion accessory is a lightweight and versatile hook.

It can even multi-task! The Purse Valet can be used for purses with or without handles; inverted for café or bistro glass tabletops or upright at the movie theatre.

Everyday women everywhere have the universal need

for a place to hang their purse.

The Purse Valet is available in 24Kt Gold, Silver, Black Chrome Plating or Black plastic coating. The Purse Valet comes with an attractive easy-open carrying case.

What a unique gift idea for the woman that has everything. Use this simply elegant fashion accessory everywhere...at restaurants, cafés, meetings, the office, shopping malls, library, movie theatres and more.

Looking for a unique promotional item... one that women will love?

The Signature Series by Purse Valet is our top-of-the-line product designed to be custom engraved with your restaurant name or corporate logo on the handle. 

The Signature Series differs from the Purse Valet by utilizing a flat engraving surface and is available in 24Kt Gold or Silver Plating.

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Made in the USA

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